Congratulations! You are getting married. Now that the toughest decision is made, come all the new questions of what to wear on your big day? Depending on the dress code, location and theme of your wedding, there are a variety of wedding suit options to choose from.



  • The 3-Piece Suit. This is a classic suiting option for both the groom and his groomsmen, which can be applied to both a formal or smart-casual wedding.
  • The Smart Casual Suit. Designed to be worn in lighter fabrics and colours, this summer suit is a good option for outdoor and beach style weddings.
  • Classic Tuxedo. Ideal for a formal wedding, this classic Tuxedo will take you from ceremony to reception in style.



For all suit styles, choose a tailored fit shirt that is made from a high-quality cotton for comfort and breathability. Keep it simple for formal occasions with a crisp, white shirt with no pockets or detailing. For contrast, style your groomsmen in printed or coloured shirts to help you stand out in the photographs.



Never underestimate the power of a good tie. For a tuxedo and dinner suit, opt for a simple black bowtie for the ultimate in style and sophistication. With a 3-Piece or Smart casual style suit, a regular silk tie is a versatile and reliable option. For a more creative look, you could even consider a skinny tie and slim collar shirt or a knitted tie to add texture and individuality to your look.


STEP FOUR: Good shoes will take you good places! Your choice of wedding footwear is as important as the suit. Black Italian Brogues are a versatile men’s dress shoe that can be worn for formal and smart casual dress codes. For lighter coloured wedding suits, opt for Leather Oxfords in Tan. Of course, if you are wearing a wedding tuxedo then a pair of Patent Leather Oxfords is the way to go.



The finer details in a wedding outfit can add a little extra class and character. Some ideas to consider:

- If you are wearing a classic style shirt, you’ll need cufflinks.

- A pocket square is a lovely piece which can help you coordinate with the bridal party.

- A tie bar will keep your look neat on windy days.

- Lapel Pin – if you choose not to wear flowers on your suit lapel, a decorative pin is a nice option.


*At The Gentry Menswear, we are happy to create a wedding package for you and your groomsmen based on your own budget and style. We can take away all the stress and have you all decked out from head to toe, so you can focus on enjoying your big day. If you can't make it in during work hours, we are happy to meet you after hours by appointment. 


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